Wondering what I’ve been up to recently?

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My heart has been so warmed by how many of you have messaged me to ask where I have disappeared to and hoping Two Janes will be back soon!

The last couple of months have been an extremely challenging time for our family and I’ve been pouring all my energy into focusing on that. Fortunately some how amongst the cloud of this time, a wee miracle has burst into our lives.

We have been trying for another child for quite a while and were very surprised to find out we had more chance of winning lotto than having one without help. My head knew we were so blessed for the two children we already have and I should just be happy, but my heart hadn’t quite got to that place yet. We didn’t qualify for funding and could only afford to do IVF privately once. After all the fun of countless tests, mood swings, daily injections and a raft of intimate procedures we managed to get one embryo. Just one. All our hopes of having another child rested on a single chance. All our eggs were literally in my basket. Fast forward 15 weeks and some pretty intense morning sickness later and here we are with my big puku stretching everything I own already. I’ve actually been about this size since I was only 6 weeks pregnant?! I think my body was so damn excited to be pregnant that it grew to my usual five months pregnant size overnight, as if to shout to the world “Look!!!! It worked!!!!”.

I have learnt something very important over the last few months, although as mothers I know our first instinct is to put our selves last and pour every ounce of our being into our children and family especially in hard times like we are currently having, I noticed as that spark, fulfilment and happiness I got from doing this blog stopped, I had less to pass onto my family, not more. I think we have to be our best self to be able to give our best, so back to Two Janes I go and a very big thank you to each of you that takes time out of your day to read my posts because it’s all of you that fills me up with that spark.

two janes baby


  1. Hi Abbie, Congratulations!!! Wonderful news, I had been wondering where my facebook updates were. Great to hear you are all good.

    Jane x

  2. Eeeeeeeekkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS ABBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeepers, can you believe just ONE try and it worked! So thrilled for your beautiful family and while I have missed your posts I can see why you didn’t have the energy to pump out the awesome tidbits we became accustomed to!


    • Thanks Becs!! I’m sure I’ll be hitting you up for professional advice in the not too distant future! Love to your gorgeous family xx

  3. Congrats! So happy for you! Such a good news! take care. xx cathy

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