After more than a decade of working, mainly in fashion sales and marketing, I have left the 9-5 behind and am now mama of two. I’m still crazy about design – from fashion to interiors and trying to stay stylish amongst the mayhem of endless laundry while renovating our beachside home on a non-designer budget. This blog is a way to keep my creative side alive and hopefully give others like me a little escape from the daily grind.

Who are these two janes you ask?

who are these two janes

Well, there is a constant battle in my head between the two sides of me; one is a money is no object, head to toe label loving, New York loft living, fashion PR force to be reckoned with; the other is a super busy super mama, budget conscious, sneaker wearing, hair in a two second top knot, cleaning sticky toddler fingers off my t-shirt, driving the same Honda for the last decade kind a girl. Despite only one of us actually living in the real world, the two janes often debate – especially when it comes to my two loves; fashion and interior design.

Follow my attempts to balance the designer loving freak in my head, with the reality of a not so fancy bank balance. Mostly sensible Jane wins, but other times label lusting Jane is unstoppable and I find myself leaving a store with two pairs of ‘so amazing they will change my life’ shoes, a serious dent in my wallet and an unimpressed husband as I was meant to spend that money on a water blaster. Oops.


  1. I love the idea of ‘two Janes’, that we don’t need to be defined according to our current (and even future) circumstances. Looking forward to following your posts. I need some style in my life, even if it’s only vicariously!

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