Here’s a wee round up of what I would LOVE to be buying at the moment. But I can’t. I thought mortgages and children were bad enough at eating up my money previously destined to purchase designer digs. Well they ain’t got nothing on three little letters, three VERY expensive letters. IVF. We are currently busy saving for IVF but the mountain we need isn’t being built fast enough, so it’s time for drastic action. Two Janes will just have to live vicariously through others shopping fun, because for at least the next few months there can’t be ANY fancy new purchases, NONE, no amazingly crafted justification will cut it. Hopefully by saying this out loud it will help force me to stick to the rule. I will still post about fancy new things I can’t buy though, so never fear!

twojanes wishlist for home
From Bottom Left: Kara Rosenlund Print from Indie Home Collective | Wildfolk Candle from Paperplane | Our House in the City from Paperplane | Turned Wood Candlestick from Flux Boutique | Concrete Pots from Superette | Madam Stoltz Wire & Wood Basket from Superette

get in my closet
From Top Left: Spur Stud Earrings from Meadowlark | Dresden Jumpsuit from Juliette Hogan | Converse Dainty Whites from Stirling Sports | Stripe Tank Dress from Bassike | Cascade Gunmetal Sandal from Chaos & Harmony | Violet Frill Top from Twenty Seven Names | White Girlfriend Jeans from Glassons

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