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birken 1

The good old Birkenstock, they were awful the first time round when I wore them 20 years ago, but I put it down to one of those dumb adolescent mistakes we all make. Well if you didn’t already know, these are now at the very height of fashion ‘cool’, appearing on the feet of the worlds most fabulous and even the pages of Vogue.

Sorry to any hipster that this offends, but I just can’t get with the Birkenstock craze. To me they should have died back in the 90s along with hair scrunchies and Justin Timberlake with corn rows. It’s like the worlds top fashion editors, bloggers and ‘it girls’ all got together to play a huge joke on the rest of us.






Whoa Mary-Kate and Ashley take it next level pairing theirs with socks.B9

No Alexa, you too?!B7

Will you resist the peer pressure from the cool kids, or be picking up your own pair soon? Now obviously if you love them, go rock your self some Birkenstocks! My point is, if you don’t, then don’t buy into a trend just because it’s the ‘in’ thing. Remember our french lesson earlier in the week – dress to feel good, dress for yourself, no one else.

If you do decide to join the Birkenstock brigade, please for the love of God, at least don’t pair them with socks like Mary Kate and Ashley. They really should have known better.


  1. I must admit I did take a second look when they started to emerge in stores to check they were the Birkenstock of old and alas they were. As I was equally confused when thick heeled jellys started to appear and now, well they are everywhere! I fully support the recycling of certain items I feel its part of the natural lifecycle of fashion although there are some things that need to be left on the pages or photographs of fashion history not present. Thankyou for making me feel ok about not “rocking” the reincarnated footwear as I did start to doubt my resistance to conform. Although I am sure there will be some chique peps who manage to pull the “old/new” off with ease and style just not this mum. Heavy sandals just exaggerate my already hoof size in need of a manicure feet! Lol

    • Thanks for your comment Stace! I so agree there are many recycled fashion items that deserve to be celebrated over and over, Birkenstocks just don’t happen to be one of them haha

  2. So funny I’m not up with fashion but had pulled my Birkenstocks back out months ago. They were put away as being the hardest shoe to break in but all the while being oober comfortable and hardy! I must admit they’re an around the house sandal for me and an occasional visit to the local supervalue. I’m not sure they’re much competition for my trusty ankle boot or Chuck Taylor.

  3. How funny! I love this post! I do own a pair of white Gizeh’s – well I thought I owned them but just realised that after ten years (6 sitting in my closet un-used) I must have thrown them out. Birkies will never look good with skinny jeans but I think with ripped boyfs they could be half decent. In saying that, I probably won’t be switching my Havaiana budget for a new pair…

    • I agree that ‘slide’ style sandals look great with boyf jeans – but there are so many other options of stylish sandals options to choose over Birkenstocks, or like you said, Havaiana’s are definitely by go to as well!

  4. Westley Anna says:

    I love LOVE Birkenstocks and socks. There, I said it, love it. Do wonder about random dirty muddy sock toes though…?

  5. Birks have always been cool in my books

  6. Thought I’d let you know Abs, I’ve just bought a new pair…and wore them with socks last night! Xx

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