We all have those little things that put a smile on our face right – a new issue of your favourite magazine, getting a pedicure, eating your third piece of chocolate mud cake, an awesome old-school beat surprising you on the car radio (90s hip hop is my jam)….this is a celebration of those small moments that can brighten your day, here’s my first hot little tip for you to add to your get happy arsenal.


For me Mondays are often a day of household admin, catching up after the weekend. Magically this wee gem will help pass the most tedious parts of the necessary evils of housework, I call it the distraction method. I’ve found access to some amazing, hot off the satellite tv shows. Some are emmy award winning series, others serve my guilty obsession with reality tv. I just pop my laptop within view while doing the dishes, washing, cleaning up etc, and I’m so engrossed in what I’m watching I almost forget I’ve just folded my third load of washing. Gotta love that! Yes it’s technically illegal, but I have yet to receive even one letter from Mr Key and I know I get three before I’m in any real trouble. Yes I’m an outlaw. Thankfully this blog currently has approximately three readers so I’ll take my chances with this confession.

Scandal – Just started season 3, an American political thriller, it follows the uber sassy Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), makes you want to drink ridiculously expensive red wine and ALWAYS wear white head to toe.

Homeland – Just started season 4, a political drama/thriller, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is brilliantly intense and still celebrates the ugly cry just like in Romeo and Juliet, you know the one.

Orange Is The New Black – A comedy/drama based in an American women’s prison, so damn good I binge-watched both series in three days!

The Bachelor – Aussie, US and Canada, all versions are equally as addictive, more comedy than reality and worth every second you waste on it.

Project Runway – In the current series a Kiwi designer in the final four, he’s got a real shot at taking the title.

The Block Australia – Just wrapped up the latest series, big budgets, bigger dramas, even bigger design WOWS, whats not to love.

The most consistent sites I’ve found to watch these shows are videobull and watchseries.

Judge me now, but you will thank me later!