When I first heard about these women, I thought to myself, I want to be just like them when I grow up! (Never mind the fact I’m already fully grown with almost three kids). I love that three busy Sydney mums who were already successfully ruling the corporate world decided to jump off the comfort of that corporate cliff and plunge into the unknown to create Three Birds Renovations. Now they are working together to buy and renovate homes in just 6/7 weeks before selling them and making a tidy profit. Hmmm yes dream job right there.

They are currently renovating their third house, after two incredible results. We all love a before and after right, so feast your eyes…

Reno one, aptly named the Hoarders House
3birds house one exterior3birds house 1 deck3birds house1 lounge3birdshouse1kitchen

Reno two, the Hamptons House

Their style is inspirational, but attainable and they generously share their experience (right down to budgets and profit made) and design tips – who would believe these lights are from Bunnings?! 3 birds cheap lights
And this great idea for a laundry bench top, less than $100 also from laundry bench

You can follow along their current reno on their new youtube channel, it’s must see viewing for me each Monday night, it’s so exciting watching their real time progress. It’s also brilliant to see three strong, talented women working hard together to create something amazing, their chemistry and humour is infectious and leaves you wanting to join their squad.

It takes a huge amount of bravery to follow your dreams, especially when you have already created a strong career in another field. I know many of my friends who are in their 30’s, having forged successful corporate careers and especially after becoming mothers are wanting something more. A job that will feed your soul as well as your bank balance. I’ve been going through the same process, with the knowledge that I will be going back to work next year and so have decided to take my own little leap. I am currently doing a Diploma in Interior Design, hoping to turn this passion of mine into a career. Watch this space! xx