It’s always exciting to look through the collections from New York Fashion Week, even if half of them aren’t wearable (I’m looking at you Kanye). One collection that I would certainly love to fill my closet with and I’m sure Olivia Pope would agree, is Victoria Beckham’s latest offering.

The sophisticated and feminine collection in a neutral palette of cream, taupe, black and navy has won rave reviews from the fashion elite and it’s easy to see why.

If your memory of Victoria Beckham is from the Spice Girl era or as some famous footballers wife, you may be shocked to know she is now a widely respected fashion designer in her own right. Her eponymous label even won Brand of the Year at the 2014 British Fashion Awards, over the likes of Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen.

VB2Of her Fall 2015 Collection Victoria Beckham explained ‘it is not about one theme – but instead thinking about what women really want to wear and how they want their clothes to make them feel.’
‘Familiar shapes have been deconstructed and reworked. Volumes have been subverted, menswear elements re-engineered to fit the female form and twists, spirals, seams and asymmetry interplayed. Fabrics bounce and move, a swing is sculptural, and a more body conscious silhouette emerges…’


victoria beckham 3

victoria beckham 2

victoria beckham1

victoria beckham 5

Obviously I would need a serious lifestyle change from housework and toddler swimming classes to justify my new wardrobe, but can’t you just imagine Olivia rocking the hell out of those light ensembles while saving the world and drinking insanely expensive red wine, which incidentally she would never spill on those fancy whites, because well she’s Olivia Pope! (If you don’t watch my favourite show Scandal you will be very confused right now).