Every now and then I decide I’m going to really get my priorities straight, appreciate the little moments in life and value what’s most important. Stop stressing about other peoples opinions, the future, my lack of fabulous new sandals for summer and the ability to buy them TODAY. I usually last a few days and then I’m back to my not so positive ways. Does anyone else feel that way?

It’s December 1st, the first day of summer, seems like the perfect time to start something new and awesome. And have I got something awesome for you! Let me introduce you to Photo a Day by Chantelle AKA Fat Mum Slim. Chantelle is kind of a big deal, her blog Fat Mum Slim is one of Australia’s most popular blogs year after year (definitely one of my personal favourites) and her Photo a Day challenge has tens of thousands of members! What I love about it is it’s a really practical way to make sure I’m searching out those beautiful little moments every day that are just waiting to be noticed.

Photo A Day gives you a prompt each day of the month to take a photo of, some prompts are easy, like today’s is ‘fruit’, other’s are more open ended like ‘joy is’, ‘sign’, and ‘this is interesting’ . For my fruit pic, I took these in a few minutes during lunch with my daughter Ava.

Here’s the complete Photo A Day List for December

Following these daily cues gets you thinking creatively and seeking out beauty in your everyday life, whether your working 50 hours a week in the corporate world, or 100 hours a week as a stay at home mum, we could all use more of that!

To make it even easier Chantelle has created an fantastic app Little Moments. Not only is it a fantastic photo editor, it also sends you a message each morning with your photo prompt for that day. Then you can share your photos through a Photo a Day Facebook group, on instagram or twitter – how involved you get is really up to you. For me the focus really is just on ensuring I get inspired by the beauty that’s around me everyday, that often I’m to busy to notice. By enjoying these little moments, it can help balance out the not so great things that happen in life.

For those of you that would like more details on The Photo a Day challenge, Chantelle goes into more detail here.