Without a doubt the most comfortable outfit in my wardrobe is my gym gear – leggings, a tee and trainers. If only I could wear this everyday! I guess if I was a daily gym goer I could, but keeping it real, that’s just not going to happen. Luckily, thanks to the current fit inspired fashion taking over the catwalks and style guides around the globe, you can now sport your leggings daily without worrying about judgemental glares when people see your leggings cruising around like they think they are pants.

fit fashion 1

I love this style loop hole, now I can go about my day all casually smug, looking just like a girl who could have just had a damn hard workout, for someone that is equal parts lazy and a procrastinator, faking a gym visit is often as good as it gets. No one needs to know that in reality all the lunging I’ve done was stretching over the tornado of toys my toddler left in the kitchen so I can flick the jug on for a cuppa.

Now although I’m not into following trends for the sake of being trendy, the fact fit fashion is so ‘in’, means that sports brands are really stepping up their game and providing more variety and style within their ranges than ever.

With the likes of Lululemon now gracing our shores and Stella McCartney lending her design prowess to Adidas, it’s easier than ever to look stylish when working up a sweat (or not in my case). For a cheaper option, and my usual go-to, Cotton On Body is definitely worth checking out, in fact I just saw they have 40% off everything online today only (just enter the code PRECHRISTMAS40 at checkout). If quality and support are important to you, I’d advise waiting for the big Boxing Day / New Year sales that Rebel Sport etc have each year.

work out

Here’s a few styling tips…
* This is not an excuse to wear your baggy-kneed trackies and holy tees people!
* Don’t go too bright with your clothing options, neutral tops and bottoms work best. Save the colour and pattern for your trainers and sports bras. Think of them as your ‘accessories’.
*If you’re not used to wearing this type of clothing, choose a silhouette that mirrors your wardrobe. E.G I usually wear skinny jeans and a tee most days, so leggings and a loose tee/singlet work for me.