French women are renowned for being the worlds most stylish, perfecting effortless chic, always with an air of confidence. I’ve had a long love affair with all things French, I even named my 14-year-old daughter after the capital!

French actresses like Lou Dillon, Clémence Poésy and Paris Vogue Editor Emmanuelle Alt’s style is often used as a template for trendy women around the globe wanting to achieve the elusive effortless chic the French of synonymous for. Personally I am a little obsessed with Emmanuelle Alt, I pretty much want to be her when I grow up.

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The confidence that exudes from French women is no mistake, it comes because they dress to feel good, they dress for themselves, and no one else. They don’t follow trends, instead they develop their own style, filled with classic pieces they love. A common French phrase is ‘I threw on these clothes because I had no time to think about my look this morning’, but don’t be fooled by this supposed non-chalant attitude, French women work hard to achieve their envious style.

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Clothing – the key is having perfectly tailored clothes that suit you, because you have to feel great and comfortable to have confidence. French women tend not to bare too much skin, preferring to show shoulders or a bare back. Buy the very best quality you can afford, yes this will mean you will have less in your wardrobe, but your clothes will look stunning and last so much longer. Keep to a minimal palette of black, white, blue, red and neutrals, allowing items to be mixed and matched.

Shoes – never too high, if you can’t walk confidently in your sky-highs then don’t wear them, flats are often favoured.

Makeup – minimal and fresh. There is a strong focus on caring for your skin, allowing natural beauty to shine rather than covering it with a lot of makeup. A bold red lip is often all that is needed for night time glam.

Hair – tousled, even messy hair is common, and considered extremely sexy.

Accessories – keep it simple, less is definitely more.

french lesson 4From top left: Country Road wrap shirt | Superette rails shirt | Moochi fringe bag | Sass & Bide hulsey strutter jean | Kathryn Wilson courtney heel | Meadowlark crystal chain earring

French Lesson 3From top left: Twenty Seven Names breton tee | Senso Shoes robyn heel | Juliette Hogan blake short | MAC Cosmetics lady danger lipstick

French Lesson 2From top left: Twenty Seven Names chessie daisy dress | Juliette Hogan johnny cardi | Meadowlark protea ring | Karen Walker bag | Country Road nora derby flats

If a wardrobe update is out of reach at the moment, just follow these five easy steps for an instant French girl makeover…

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how to be a parisianAnd for those of you who are ready for a master class, I was excited to find there is a new book called ‘How to Be Parisian Wherever you are’, which explores all facets of a Parisian woman’s world; style, beauty, culture, attitude and men. The four women behind this must have read are long term friends Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, Sophie Mas and Anne Berest, who decided to debunk the myths of the ‘effortless chic’ Parisienne. I love that there is an entire chapter devoted to not apologising for bad habits, I am starting to think I may actually be secretly French.