Style vs Fashion – but aren’t they the same thing you may be thinking?

Being fashionable is defined as ‘conforming to custom, fashion or established mode’, it’s following temporary trends, dressing for others. Whereas style is enduring, it comes from within, it’s personal. Like I mentioned in my post ‘How to Fake Being a French Girl‘ – French women dress to feel good, they dress for themselves and no one else. This is a rule we should all follow, it will help develop our own style, one that makes us feel our most confident and beautiful.

As Coco Chanel aptly put it ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same.’

A few people commented after my post about the huge fashion comeback of the Birkenstock, they totally disagreed with me and in fact loved their Birks. And good on them! Just as important as not wearing something because the fashion world says you should, is wearing what you love regardless of other peoples opinions. If I didn’t truly believe this I certainly wouldn’t own four pairs of drop crotch / harem pants.

Although I haven’t always been so unconcerned about others fashion views, if I’m honest, I have spent much of my life choosing what I wear based on the image I think it will portray to others. In high school all decisions were label based, the bigger the better. I was so concerned about what the ‘cool kids’ would think of me! In my 20s I worked for many years in the fashion industry, from owning my own clothing boutique to managing sales and marketing for fashion designers. And you know what – I was still worrying about what the ‘cool kids’ thought! I was desperate to wear the latest designer threads, perfectly curating up to the minute trends head to toe. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve stopped caring so much about what others think about the way I dress. My love for fashion certainly hasn’t wained, however the difference now is I am choosing what I have in my wardrobe by what makes me feel good.

Think about your favourite items in your wardrobe. Is there any themes you can see about the looks you love to wear the most? If you’re a little lost about what your style is, go onto pinterest, start searching women whose style you admire. Pin whatever you are drawn to. What you will soon find are trends, colours, styles that you gravitate towards. You now have a fantastic template to start building a wardrobe that truly reflects your style, because it will be filled with items that you love, that are all about you and no ones else’s idea of what you should wear. Style inspirations for me are women like Emmanuelle Alt, Tash Sefton (specifically her shoes!), Julie Sariñana, Alexa Chung and Anine Bing. (You can see more of my fashion inspiration on my pinterest fashion page.)
my everyday style, two

Lifestyle is also going to shape your style. Currently I’m home with my kids, so my day to day wardrobe is all blue, black, grey and white skinny jeans, well cut shirts / tees and some kind of flat shoe. I choose quality over quantity every time and try to pay attention to the smaller details like accessories, hair and makeup (when my crazy toddler allows) to help my casual day to day look more polished. Obviously when I go back to working this will be reflected in my wardrobe – I’m so excited about that, getting the excuse to dress up a bit more and having a very valid justification to shop!

Hopefully this post will motivate you to think a little about your own style. Just remember there is no way you can go wrong if you are dressing to make yourself feel happy and confident, regardless of whether it’s ‘in fashion’ or not, to hell with the cool kids!

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