Apart from an ill advised Posh Spice inspired pixie cut in the late 90’s, I’ve always had really, really long hair. It’s kind of been my thing. But more and more recently I’ve been feeling like I’m a bit too old for it. Does that make sense? I’ve got a daughter who is 15 this month, and I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be ‘one of the girls’ with her (the fact we both wear skinny jeans and converse everywhere already has me at high risk of that).

The Inspiration
I’m really love the ‘lob’ (long bob) style a lot of people are wearing, they look chic yet edgy and I like still having a bit of length so you can wear your hair up. This is vital as I’m pretty sure like all busy women, my go to hair style is a two second top knot. Two of my favourite fashion bloggers have hair styles I’ve been coveting – Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules and Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley. Both have the length and style I love, and Julia’s colour is just stunning.

hair inspo collage

The Hair Stylist
Armed with these pics I went to visit my hairdresser of a few years, Fiona Clare. Fiona moved to Auckland last year, where she is working as a hair stylist and makeup artist, as well as blogging and filming hair and makeup tutorials for her youtube channel (all links at bottom of post). I nearly had an anxiety attack when I heard she was leaving, but thankfully she still visits the Bay every few weeks to keep her clients happy. This girl is incredible, her talent is matched only by her gorgeous personality.

fiona quote 3

The Result
beforeafter collage

Fiona has described the methods used…
Colour – I used the back combing technique applying lightener to the hair that’s not brushed upwards and once combed out you get a gorgeous soft gradual lightness to the hair with no visible lines, this is where the term ballayage comes from. I focussed the placement of colour mainly underneath and higher up around the face to enhance the length in the front and give that sun kissed look.

Cut – I kept the length very blunt to achieve a real fullness about the style which is also what gives it an edge. I ever so slightly gave the front pieces more length to draw your eye down, showing off the lighter pieces more. To add a little texture and lift to the top layer only (so the hair doesn’t fall too flat) I textured the top layer on the ends to create lift and body.

Now what do I really think?
I love it! It’s the shortest I’ve had my hair since that awful Posh Spice moment, it has given so much health, volume and movement to my hair. I felt instantly mature and classy, it got me thinking, can a change of style give you a change of personality? Or perhaps it’s just when you’re ready for a change, it inspires you to alter your hair style to match the new you?

Regardless, I’m off now to check the stock markets while sipping on herbal tea, because, you know, I’m all mature now.

hair collage

To see more of Fiona’s incredible work you can find her blog at and her youtube channel full of inspiring tutorials here.


  1. Good job, love your hair, long or less long!
    I wish i could wear such long hair. But mine are thin and thin. You could wear a ponytail and you ‘ll totally look as a young french girl with your skinny and conserve shoes!

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