With my new NO SHOPPING policy firmly in place, I am celebrating all things that happen to be fabulous and totally free. None is more incredible than the country we are blessed to live in. I love living next to the ocean but sometimes get so busy with being busy, that I forget to just stop and enjoy the beautiful sights right on my doorstep. I think a lot of us are guilty of that am I right?

It feels like life is constantly excellerating, so it is more important than ever to literally stop and smell the roses. The power of nature has been long been documented, with studies showing it has important stress reduction and restorative effects. We can all do with more of that!

For me, living near the ocean has always made me feel calm and content. When I was living in Christchurch and going through a very challenging time, I swear my daily early morning walks along Sumner Beach and up Clifton Hill saved me thousands in therapy.

Now living in the Bay of Plenty I’ve loved discovering new favourite places. One of my sure fire ways to instant happiness is to walk around the base of the Mount. The gentle waves, ocean sounds and dappled light dancing over the walk way are just beautiful.



mount walk black and white

Another amazing spot is walking up the Papamoa Hills, the more huuuuuge the trees are, the more tiny my problems seem.


Recently I went on a weekend away to Tairua in the Corromandel and found a new favourite place – Sailors Grave Beach. A quiet spot that forces you to stop and just take it all in. Trees bent down over the beach creating magic spots to sit in their branches. The sand is littered with beautiful rocks, hidden amongst them are agate gemstones waiting to be spotted.





Just a few minutes from Sailor’s Grave Beach I found the ‘Twin Kauri’s, they were so magnificent I actually hugged a tree. Literally.


Writing this post has inspired me to take advantage of another stunning spot, the view from the top of the Mount. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been, but that’s changes this morning, I’m off now to conquer it!

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