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Sometimes the best things in life really are free, like this stunning interiors magazine that I love reading every issue! Adore Magazine is an Australian online home and lifestyle magazine that can be delivered to your inbox every issue at no charge.
adore cover
Their latest issue is definitely one of their best, here’s a sneak peak at three stunning kitchens they have featured. The first is possibly my favourite. The mix of a simple subway tile laid to create a beautiful herringbone pattern pared with raw timber floating shelves. Ahhhh, kitchen envy is currently washing over me.
I love the modern take on this farm style kitchen, black cabinetry is such a winner.
Lastly a stunning coastal kitchen from the talented girls behind Three Birds Renovations (more on them on the blog later in the week), every kitchen should have an outdoor servery that looks like this!
Grab a cuppa and click here to enjoy the entire issue of Adore xx


Sparkles, soft hues, sherbet coloured blooms…
inspire me july 16 blog
(all images via my pinterest page where original sources can be found)

Wondering what I’ve been up to recently?

two janes bump 2
My heart has been so warmed by how many of you have messaged me to ask where I have disappeared to and hoping Two Janes will be back soon!

The last couple of months have been an extremely challenging time for our family and I’ve been pouring all my energy into focusing on that. Fortunately some how amongst the cloud of this time, a wee miracle has burst into our lives.

We have been trying for another child for quite a while and were very surprised to find out we had more chance of winning lotto than having one without help. My head knew we were so blessed for the two children we already have and I should just be happy, but my heart hadn’t quite got to that place yet. We didn’t qualify for funding and could only afford to do IVF privately once. After all the fun of countless tests, mood swings, daily injections and a raft of intimate procedures we managed to get one embryo. Just one. All our hopes of having another child rested on a single chance. All our eggs were literally in my basket. Fast forward 15 weeks and some pretty intense morning sickness later and here we are with my big puku stretching everything I own already. I’ve actually been about this size since I was only 6 weeks pregnant?! I think my body was so damn excited to be pregnant that it grew to my usual five months pregnant size overnight, as if to shout to the world “Look!!!! It worked!!!!”.

I have learnt something very important over the last few months, although as mothers I know our first instinct is to put our selves last and pour every ounce of our being into our children and family especially in hard times like we are currently having, I noticed as that spark, fulfilment and happiness I got from doing this blog stopped, I had less to pass onto my family, not more. I think we have to be our best self to be able to give our best, so back to Two Janes I go and a very big thank you to each of you that takes time out of your day to read my posts because it’s all of you that fills me up with that spark.

two janes baby


A special weekend filled with fun, laughter and life long friends in the beautiful countryside of North Canterbury.


Every now and then I decide I’m going to really get my priorities straight, appreciate the little moments in life and value what’s most important. Stop stressing about other peoples opinions, the future, my lack of fabulous new sandals for summer and the ability to buy them TODAY. I usually last a few days and then I’m back to my not so positive ways. Does anyone else feel that way?

It’s December 1st, the first day of summer, seems like the perfect time to start something new and awesome. And have I got something awesome for you! Let me introduce you to Photo a Day by Chantelle AKA Fat Mum Slim. Chantelle is kind of a big deal, her blog Fat Mum Slim is one of Australia’s most popular blogs year after year (definitely one of my personal favourites) and her Photo a Day challenge has tens of thousands of members! What I love about it is it’s a really practical way to make sure I’m searching out those beautiful little moments every day that are just waiting to be noticed.

Photo A Day gives you a prompt each day of the month to take a photo of, some prompts are easy, like today’s is ‘fruit’, other’s are more open ended like ‘joy is’, ‘sign’, and ‘this is interesting’ . For my fruit pic, I took these in a few minutes during lunch with my daughter Ava.

Here’s the complete Photo A Day List for December

Following these daily cues gets you thinking creatively and seeking out beauty in your everyday life, whether your working 50 hours a week in the corporate world, or 100 hours a week as a stay at home mum, we could all use more of that!

To make it even easier Chantelle has created an fantastic app Little Moments. Not only is it a fantastic photo editor, it also sends you a message each morning with your photo prompt for that day. Then you can share your photos through a Photo a Day Facebook group, on instagram or twitter – how involved you get is really up to you. For me the focus really is just on ensuring I get inspired by the beauty that’s around me everyday, that often I’m to busy to notice. By enjoying these little moments, it can help balance out the not so great things that happen in life.

For those of you that would like more details on The Photo a Day challenge, Chantelle goes into more detail here.


With my new NO SHOPPING policy firmly in place, I am celebrating all things that happen to be fabulous and totally free. None is more incredible than the country we are blessed to live in. I love living next to the ocean but sometimes get so busy with being busy, that I forget to just stop and enjoy the beautiful sights right on my doorstep. I think a lot of us are guilty of that am I right?

It feels like life is constantly excellerating, so it is more important than ever to literally stop and smell the roses. The power of nature has been long been documented, with studies showing it has important stress reduction and restorative effects. We can all do with more of that!

For me, living near the ocean has always made me feel calm and content. When I was living in Christchurch and going through a very challenging time, I swear my daily early morning walks along Sumner Beach and up Clifton Hill saved me thousands in therapy.

Now living in the Bay of Plenty I’ve loved discovering new favourite places. One of my sure fire ways to instant happiness is to walk around the base of the Mount. The gentle waves, ocean sounds and dappled light dancing over the walk way are just beautiful.



mount walk black and white

Another amazing spot is walking up the Papamoa Hills, the more huuuuuge the trees are, the more tiny my problems seem.


Recently I went on a weekend away to Tairua in the Corromandel and found a new favourite place – Sailors Grave Beach. A quiet spot that forces you to stop and just take it all in. Trees bent down over the beach creating magic spots to sit in their branches. The sand is littered with beautiful rocks, hidden amongst them are agate gemstones waiting to be spotted.





Just a few minutes from Sailor’s Grave Beach I found the ‘Twin Kauri’s, they were so magnificent I actually hugged a tree. Literally.


Writing this post has inspired me to take advantage of another stunning spot, the view from the top of the Mount. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been, but that’s changes this morning, I’m off now to conquer it!


Homestyle is without a doubt my favourite New Zealand Home & Interiors magazine. They seem to get the balance just right with homes that are inspirational and garner copious amounts of ooh’s and aah’s, yet are still realistic enough for most to be able to actually recreate aspects in their own homes.

Homestyle’s December issue is out next Monday and it’s a goodie people! Here’s a little sneak peak…
homestyle cover
This amazing home was built in the Auckland suburb of Titirangi. For those not familiar, Titirangi is filled with amazing mature trees leading to many homes feeling more like tree houses. If I were to live in Auckland, I think that would be the spot for me.


At just 120sq, this home shows perfectly that smart design can make a relatively small house feel spacious and abundant.
The mix of timber with pops of bright colour create a fun, yet relaxed environment to raise a family.

We have a subscription to Homestyle (perfect Christmas gift!) so enjoy each issue a few days before it goes on sale. I get so excited checking the mail box in the days leading up to its release date, yes I know, its the little things.


We all have those little things that put a smile on our face right – a new issue of your favourite magazine, getting a pedicure, eating your third piece of chocolate mud cake, an awesome old-school beat surprising you on the car radio (90s hip hop is my jam)….this is a celebration of those small moments that can brighten your day, here’s another hot little tip for you to add to your get happy arsenal.

It’s not exaggerating to say I am obsessed with Interior Design Magazines. I feel like Carrie from Sex & The City when she realised she had spent a house deposit on shoes. My two favourites are without a doubt Inside Out Magazine from Australia, and New Zealand’s own Homestyle Magazine. I actually squealed when Inside Out started publishing monthly recently. Here’s a wee look at some of my favourite looks from the current Inside Out November Issue…
Inside Out Nov Cover

This stunning 1930’s Californian Bungalow sits just minutes from Bondi Beach and has recently been renovated into a spacious four bedroom home. I love the abundance of natural light, large windows/doors and scandinavian inspired palette.

Inside Out Nov 1Inside Out Nov 2Inside Out Nov 3

Up next this newly renovated Melbourne home is all kinds of amazing. Just look at this dining room, my dream Wishbone chairs right there! Swooning over the white floors, but could never get my husband to ok that look in our own home. The high ceilings throughout are stunning and I love the black touches in the children’s room.
Inside Out Nov 4Inside Out Nov 5

Although the interior style of this Victorian Terrace in Melbournes’s Albert Park isn’t exactly to my taste, I love way they have bought the outdoors in through large windows overlooking greenery in their kitchen and bathroom. You can never have too much natural light.
Inside Out Nov 6Inside Out Nov 7

The November Issue of Inside Out is available through all bookstores now, it takes a couple of weeks to get the new issues here in New Zealand and sometimes when I just can’t wait that long I buy a digital version hot of the press from Zinio. Are there any other Interior Magazines you love that I just need to know about?


We all have those little things that put a smile on our face right – a new issue of your favourite magazine, getting a pedicure, eating your third piece of chocolate mud cake, an awesome old-school beat surprising you on the car radio (90s hip hop is my jam)….this is a celebration of those small moments that can brighten your day, here’s my first hot little tip for you to add to your get happy arsenal.


For me Mondays are often a day of household admin, catching up after the weekend. Magically this wee gem will help pass the most tedious parts of the necessary evils of housework, I call it the distraction method. I’ve found access to some amazing, hot off the satellite tv shows. Some are emmy award winning series, others serve my guilty obsession with reality tv. I just pop my laptop within view while doing the dishes, washing, cleaning up etc, and I’m so engrossed in what I’m watching I almost forget I’ve just folded my third load of washing. Gotta love that! Yes it’s technically illegal, but I have yet to receive even one letter from Mr Key and I know I get three before I’m in any real trouble. Yes I’m an outlaw. Thankfully this blog currently has approximately three readers so I’ll take my chances with this confession.

Scandal – Just started season 3, an American political thriller, it follows the uber sassy Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), makes you want to drink ridiculously expensive red wine and ALWAYS wear white head to toe.

Homeland – Just started season 4, a political drama/thriller, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is brilliantly intense and still celebrates the ugly cry just like in Romeo and Juliet, you know the one.

Orange Is The New Black – A comedy/drama based in an American women’s prison, so damn good I binge-watched both series in three days!

The Bachelor – Aussie, US and Canada, all versions are equally as addictive, more comedy than reality and worth every second you waste on it.

Project Runway – In the current series a Kiwi designer in the final four, he’s got a real shot at taking the title.

The Block Australia – Just wrapped up the latest series, big budgets, bigger dramas, even bigger design WOWS, whats not to love.

The most consistent sites I’ve found to watch these shows are videobull and watchseries.

Judge me now, but you will thank me later!