I have been waiting for my dream kitchen for so many years – ripped out countless pages from interior magazines and stayed up late into the night getting happily lost in pinterest. Although we are renovating our entire home, the only extension to the space is for our new kitchen. Excited is a massive understatement!


I am so inspired by scandi kitchens and they fit the aesthetic of our home so well, with its white wooden raked beams, white walls and black joinery. I want to keep to a pallet of white, white, white – with touches of timber and concrete. I am drawn towards very minimal looking cabinetry, no handles and clean lines.



I want to blur the lines between indoors and out, creating a space perfect for the long, mild summers we enjoy in the Bay of Plenty. Our home is quite small so maximising indoor/outdoor flow will help give a feeling of spaciousness.


I have always loved open shelving in kitchens, filling them with eclectic finds, adding texture and interest. This should also help prevent an all white, minimal kitchen from feeling stark and clinical.



So typical of me, all the kitchens I have featured here are probably several times the budget I have at my fingertips. A big challenge for me is to recreate the feel of these spaces for a lot less. Wish me luck!

(All images from my pinterest page, where original sources can be found)


reno inspiration

Full disclosure – unfortunately these pictures aren’t of my new house, girls gotta dream right! But hopefully after ALOT of work, we can get our home close.

When I first saw our beachside house, all my straight faced, hard ass unemotional attitude, making the agent think I’m beyond disinterested plan went out the window. My first words as I walked inside “This is my dream home!! I’m definitely putting in an offer!!”. Nice move. In my defence, it WAS my dream home (well it could be with a few major changes), surprisingly a Scandinavian style house was hidden amongst sub-division after sub-division of brick and tile suburbia. It had me at white wooden roof beams.

Exterior from street
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 5.46.15 pm
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 5.45.51 pm

We have played gypsies a little over the past several years. Leaving our home in Christchurch before the quakes for the big smoke of Auckland. Finding that a little too big for our family we next set off for the idyllic spot of Wainui Beach in Gizzy (my surf loving husbands home town). That was a little too small. Now we’ve settled in Papamoa, a ten minute drive along the beach from Mount Maunganui – and it’s juuuuust right. It’s becoming pretty rare to find a full size section here and this was a wee gem of a spot, just one block from the beach. The house is very small – about 110 square metres, that we’d have to extend, but has a 60 square metre granny flat on the property that I’d love to use as a studio / office (I currently have nothing to do in a studio / office, but it sounds kinda cool right!).

We waited just over a year before starting on renovating, and despite countless episodes of Grand Designs proving otherwise, I was sure my excellent budgeting combined with my mad xcel spreadsheet skills would keep us on track. Kevin McCloud could raise his eyebrows at our small budget all he wanted, we would be the exception to the rule.

This of course didn’t happen. Although all the building work is complete, because of small delays and unexpected costs, my budget to complete the interior design quickly evaporated. So here I am left with dreams of creating something worthy of the pages of Inside Out magazine, with no designer budget. I’m not complaining though, it will help me practice patience and creativity. As my mother says “First world problems!”.