I’m not even half way through my pregnancy but am already excitedly planning the baby’s room, I’m loving losing myself in pinterest and instagram feeds. You may remember this super talented and stylish pair from their time on The Block Australia. Sophie and Dale Vine’s nursery for their new baby Van is predictably amazing. Yes his name is Van Vine, you just know he’s going to be one cool kid right.
vanvine1vanvine1aI love the neutral palette used, perfect for wee girls and boys. Elements of nature are seen throughout the space, from the stunning Cole & Sons ‘woods’ wallpaper (I’ve used the same wallpaper in my previous house and love it), to rustic timber accessories and woodland creatures appearing around the room.
vanvine2vanvine3vanvine8My favourite feature in the room is the hanging clothes rack Dale made – an idea I just may pinch!
vanvine4Sophie’s instagram is full of inspiring images from interiors and fashion to her pregnancy and daily life with gorgeous wee Van, definitely one to start following if you’re not already!vanvine10


I have so many ideas of what furniture I would love to find and restore for our home. The problem is I really have no idea how to do it, so I’ve been procrastinating and have yet to do anything! So I’m starting small, I found this old wooden bedside table at a garage sale for just $3. I figure if I completely stuff up, it’s not too much of a loss. I am hoping it transforms into a gorgeous and unique bedside table for our wee daughter Ava.
cabinet you will need


The first task is to sand all the vanish off the cabinet, so I was left with a smooth even finish. Thank god for an electric sander! It was actually really fun to use. Using a hand sander to finish off all the little corners and edges wasn’t so fun. After you have finished sanding use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the majority of the dust, and then a final wipe with a cloth. Don’t skip doing this process thoroughly as the quality of your final product really depends on how good your preparation is.
cabinet after sanding

1. Primer
Paint the cabinet with the primer-sealer, let it dry completely, and then give the cabinet a light sand all over before repeating the process. I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1.2.3, it dried in 30 minutes and I could recoat in one hour.
cabinet paint to use
cabinet sealer

2. Paint
Paint the cabinet with the semi-gloss water based enamel, just like with the primer I let it dry then gave it a light sand before giving the cabinet a second coat. I did notice that you could still see some brush strokes in the paint, this could have been improved by using a more expensive high quality paint brush. I’d definitely invest in better brushes next time.

3. Design
Ava’s got a huge obsession with bunny’s so I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate that. I really loved a bunny print I had seen on a pinterest image, and tried my best to replicate it onto the front of the cabinet door. To make it a little easier I first sketched the image on a piece of paper until I was happy with it, then cut it out and placed the template on the cabinet so I could trace around it lightly with a pencil and was left with a basic outline of the bunny, this made it a lot easier when painting it.cabinet bunny

I have a lot of left over paint test pots from other art projects in Ava’s room, so I played around with the colours I had until I was happy. This ensured the colours I painted the cabinet would blend well with her existing room. Paint test pots are inexpensive and can be bought from any Mitre 10 or Bunnings. I had initially wanted to create an aztec pattern but gave up thinking it would be too tricky, I instead chose to do different width stripes. Using painters tape to mark each stripe it was extremely easy, make sure you press well on the tape to ensure the paint doesn’t ‘bleed’ through under the tape.cabinet test pots
cabinet paint strip collage

I am so happy with how it has ended up!! It looks so adorable in her room and the colours blend perfectly with her existing furniture.
cabinet complete frontcabinet after montagecabinet final in roomcabinet after in room frontcabinet after in room

cabinet before after


With no rules or constraints, children’s rooms are easily the most fun to design. I’ve loved the process of changing our youngest girl’s nursery into a ‘big girl’ room. The room was already a stunning space with a gabled ceiling and sweet chandeliers, all we did was paint over the bright pink walls with my go-to Resene Black White and the window was replaced with double glazed joinery. When I was heavily pregnant with Ava, my version of nesting was creating art. Strangely I actually was pretty damn good at it, a fleeting talent that disappeared as quickly as Ava arrived. One of the pieces of art I made was a painting of a elephant that I’d seen on the wall of Auckland store Madder and Rouge. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda impressed at how well I did! Like the rest of our home, Ava’s room is white, white, white – so I used the colours from the painting to inspire the rest of the interior in her room.

As well as the art, we actually made a lot of what is in this space. The bed is the top half of an old wooden bunk set my husband painted, the side rails are super handy as it keeps our wriggly two year old in bed as opposed to on the ground. The wee tent design I found online, I desperately wanted to get it but with a price tag of $260 AUS + shipping, we decided to have a go ourselves. Big high fives between me and my husband! TWO JANES AVAS ROOM 10

So many things I wanted for this room were just too expensive, but after ALOT of searching/stalking I found some really great budget friendly versions of what I loved. The floating book shelves were just $25 from Bunnings. The little ply houses were a third of what I’d seen elsewhere at just $15 from Cotton On Kids. I decorated them with mini garlands I made out of free paint charts. The rag rug was a total steal at $9 from Bed, Bath and Beyond – I kid you not I spent well over half an hour in that store laying everyone of the large stack of mats on the ground to make sure I got the best. The women working in the store didn’t share my enthusiasm. I used several cute greeting cards and framed them for inexpensive art, several were from Paperplane my fav interiors store in the Mount (hot tip:this store is really amazing, with a great online store to match, definitely worth checking out).

Definitely the most special to me is the framed collage of photos of Ava and her Papa. He works overseas most of the year so she likes giving him a kiss each night before bed. Above that is a little angel gifted to us by my aunty Helen. She herself is as close to an angel on earth as you get, having spent over a decade working in South Africa, much of those working with those worst affected by HIV, including running an orphanage for small children and babies with HIV and Aids. She picked up this angel in Italy, while on a trip to Rome. She is a Catholic nun so it is a very special place for her, and to have an angel from there from her, is so special.

If you like the look of Ava’s Room, I have done a wee round up of a few key pieces from the space…

Avas Room Get the look 1. Citta Design Cushion from Paper Plane   2. Bashful Bunny from Pumpkin Patch   3. Rabbit Print from Paper Plane   4. Cabinet from Behome   5. Felt Ball Garland from Collected   6. Bloomingville Ply Houses from Perch   7. Framed card of Kuini by Ema Frost

Something I would love to get is a marque letter light for above her bed, the best I’ve found are from Fromage La Rue for $149 AUS, they do deliver to NZ for an additional $35. Another cheaper option at $69 AUS, but without the vintage handmade look that I prefer is available from Little Letter Lights Co.