This is something I think all women, especially mothers have asked themselves. Can we have it all? Damn right we can. But only if we all choose what’s really most important to our health and happiness and that of our family’s and simplify our lives by letting go of anything that doesn’t move us directly in that direction.

On that note I am going to be taking a break from Two Janes for a while. With my husband working overseas most of the year, and having two children by myself at home, another due in a few months and now studying towards my diploma in Interior Design, the time I spend on Two Janes needs to be spent studying. Gone are the days I can pull all nighters doing an assignment, I’m lucky if I make it till 10.30pm without crashing on the couch! (Especially when my nights will soon be full of two-hourly feeding!)

Yes we can have it all, but we need to be real with ourselves, sometimes we can’t do it all. Two Janes will be back, hopefully when I can share what’s going on in my dream career in interior design! Until then, thanks for being part of the fun xxx Abbie

(photo credit: yesterday’s afternoon tea, Ava’s left over birthday cake. Yes I made it, yes I’m kinda showing off, how good does it look!!! One of those moments you stand back and think, damn I’m a good mother! ha)

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