I had been nominated by The Bubble to share twenty interesting facts about me, here goes! (eek I hope I’m interesting enough to get to 20!)
20 FACTS 2

1. I have never been an adult without being a mother. I do wonder what that would be like? I became pregnant with my oldest daughter at just 18! (cue total scandal throughout my Catholic High School).
2. I was a single parent until my oldest daughter was 8. Looking back I don’t know how I did it all by myself. It did help having a super fantastic family and an awesomely kind, witty and chilled child though!
3. I have an unhealthy obsession with cake. Oh how I love cake. And ALWAYS with extra cream on the side. Sometimes when it was just me and my oldest daughter we would have pre-ssert before dinner instead of after, bad mum I know.
4. I stalked my husband for months before he agreed to date me, there was no playing hard to get from me, I wore him down, this skill of debating until I win has fared well for me throughout our marriage.
5. My favourite overseas destination is Greece, I went there for my honeymoon and felt like I was in a dream the whole time, like I had stepped into a scene from ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ (if you haven’t seen that movie, do it, trust me).
6. I have an amazing group of girlfriends of over 20 years, we all met in third form at high school, bonding over braces, perms (mine specifically) and a love of 90’s hip hop. Now scattered around the globe, time and distance doesn’t change a thing, they are like family and so many of my favourite memories involve them.
7. My favourite wine (and I am so missing it right now) is sweet Riesling, a seriously undervalued variety in my opinion! My top pics would be Main Divide, Millton and Pegasus Bay. A positive to no one else liking Riesling is at party’s or BBQ’s, I never have to worry that someone’s going to finish off my bottle.
8. My favourite TV programmes are Scandal, Homeland, The Goodwife, Orange is the New Black, The Block Australia and any trashy reality that happens to be on. I love how reality TV distracts my brain enough to relax, but doesn’t challenge it, it’s almost like meditating really, right?
9. When I am 40 and my oldest is 21, we are going to New York together. Just over 5 years to wait. The countdown has well and truly begun.
10. I feel a little like Carrie from SATC, when she worked out she had spent the equivalent of a deposit for her apartment on shoes, except for me it’s interiors magazines and maybe a deposit for a car.

Jeepers only half way! Hang in there…

11. I love sleep, can’t get enough, naps especially, how good is feeling of dozing off on the couch in the sun. I don’t understand why children don’t click onto its goodness.
12. I am a list person. Have a to do list everyday. Love them, so satisfying to cross off. Sometimes I write things I’ve already finished just so can cross them off immediately. When we did our Home Reno last year I had the the most amazing excel spreadsheet of to do lists for everybody. It was really a thing of beauty.
13. My absolute dream job would be to buy and renovate houses within a couple of months, before selling them and blogging about it. I day dream about it often.
14. I watch cooking programmes on my laptop every night when I make dinner, Masterchef Australia is my current thing, some how I feel like their skills are transferring onto me through osmosis or something.
15. Throughout the seven or eight years I’ve been with my husband, we have never lived with each other for more than a few months due to his work. Eeeek I hope he still likes me when he is around me all the time!
16. My daughter Ava is three in August and suddenly is having full on conversations with me. It’s so adorable. Yesterday as I buckled her into her carseat in the pouring rain, she started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I couldn’t move it was so damn cute, so my butt and legs got saturated with rain while she finished two full rounds complete with hand moves.
17. I would absolutely love to travel to Italy with a group of girlfriends, stay in a villa, take cooking lessons, wander along the Amalfi Coast, take thousands of photos….whose with me???
18. I love the beach, don’t feel at peace unless I’m living very close to it, but hate swimming in the ocean.
19. Although I live in Papamoa, in the Bay of Plenty my very favourite place in New Zealand is Sumner. A stunning spot in Christchurch with the best wee community. If only I could manage to transport it up to the warmth of the Bay!
20. My sister and I found out we were pregnant on the same day. I was 18, she was 21. I fainted. Literally. Neither of us were married, our committed Catholic parents were incredible, stayed strong and said everything would be ok. And it was. Not until many years later did I find out that later that night they had gone down to their best friends house and balled their eyes out. Best lesson of parenting I have ever got, love your children through EVERYTHING, always tell them you it’s going to be ok and hug them tight. And then freak out if you need to when they can’t see it.

Wow, that’s 20, hope you managed to make it through! xx


  1. Wow! It’s lovely to get to know more of you! I love your story. I hope I’ll be a good parent as your parent are! I agree. Always stay positive with our children, they need that! Life can be tough enough!
    I’ll be on the italian trip! haha
    xx take care

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